Thursday, May 15, 2008

Open House

As you can see, my daughter Morgan thinks getting her picture taken in front of her friends at school is no longer "cool". I had to beg just to take one! Morgan has had a great year in school and she excels at reading. The girl has read more books in her 11 years of life than I have in my some 30. I wish I was more like her!

This is a picture and poem that Madison drew and wrote about herself. I love it!

This is Makelle's version of herself. I love to save this stuff. It's so fun to pull it out and look at it in the future.

The second graders put on a program about being a zoo keeper. They had to memorize a script they wrote. They drew pictures of their animals. Madison did hers on Panda's.

Makelle did hers on Elephants. They also had to make dioramas. They did such a fantastic job and I think they are such talented girls. I guess I'm just a proud mom!


Claudia said...

Allie I love it.
Morgan that is a cute picture.
I am so proud of all you girls.
I sure didn't know that we had budding artist and poets in the family. I love it.

Claudia said...

Grandpa Beck thinks he has the smartest and most talented grandchildren and I would have to agree with that.

emily w. said...

Cute and talented...that's a good combo.

SAS said...


Someday when one of their last names is Seaney, you can really be proud!