Friday, July 18, 2008

Going Once, Going Twice,

SOLD to the next door neighbor! How funny is that? We have a few bachelors renting next door and one just bought our home. If all goes well, we will be homeless at the end of August. Now, if we could just find that home . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Girls

Happy Birthday to my busy little girls! Has time gone by so fast? I remember these early days when I would catch you all over the house sneaking into things. One was getting into the chocolate powder milk!

Another time I found you girls naked in the sink helping each other brush your teeth! How could I get mad at you for that?

One time when we meet grandma and grandpa in Bishop, we caught you two holding hands watching the ducks. It was so sweet!

Once again I find it sweet to see you girls holding hands after all these years. You love each other so much and it has truly been a wonderful experience watching you grow.

I feel so fortunate to have you cute girls in my life. You brighten my life in so many ways. I will always treasure the hugs, kisses, little love notes and pictures. I know this will surely be gone soon enough. For now, know this my darling little girls. . . Mommy loves you!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Official

Yep, its official! Our home is now on the market! We're a little sad and a little glad. Sad to leave our "first" home which we have grown to love. Glad because we would love to have a little more space where the kids will want to "hang" when they're older. Keep an eye out for us if you find something great! Here in Bakersfield of course, with a pool and in the northwest. . . is that too much to ask?