Monday, March 31, 2008


We had such a great time on our trip to Hawaii! We saw so many amazing things! This was our first night in Hawaii watching the beautiful sunset.

Jake was a good sport when he was asked to get down with the Hula Hula girl in front of all his peers! It was something special!

One of our favorite activities was the helicopter tour. Our pilot served two tours in Vietnam and we should of known that our ride would be a real treat. For all you Top Gun fans out there it felt so real as we took off to the song "Highway to the Danger Zone" with the helicopter's nose pointed down towards the ground. It was absolutely AWESOME!

This was our favorite activity, with our pirate tour guide! This guy was crazy and he really showed us a great time. He took us out to see the pods of dolphins and whales. Then he took us over to Captain Cook's Cove to go snorkeling. This was the most amazing snorkeling I have ever done. The fish and coral were so vibrant and beautiful.

We loved Hawaii and we hope to go back someday soon!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Want To Know Why I Love This Guy?

I love this guy for lots and lots of reasons but today I love him for something else! He has won us a free trip to Hawaii! I am so excited to spend the week with him! I'm sure we will enjoy the beauty of the great waters of Hawaii! Until next week. . . .

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Mom, Did You Know That Is A Rule?"

So, I guess you can say I was called out by my daughter today. I decided to leave the kids home while I ran an errand to the store. When I called home to see if we needed more bread in the house my obedient daughter Madison answered the phone. After she checked to see if we were out of bread she asked me, "Mom isn't there a rule that you should not talk on the phone while you drive?" Of course by this time I couldn't lie and I am disobeying the twelfth article of faith, so all I could think was "That's why I better go, love you, bye!" Just as sweetly as she asked me she said "Okay mom, I love you too, bye!" All I could do was giggle inside knowing that she is once again right!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

How grateful I am for this special holiday. For me it is the most important holiday I can celebrate. The gift of eternal life, which is the greatest gift that someone could give me. Through Christ I have the blessing of being forgiven and to become eternally connected with my family which is most precious to me. How grateful I am for a loving elder brother who gave his life for me so that I can someday return to Him and my Father in Heaven.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Ham Ever? You Be The Judge!

I thought I would blog this yummy recipe! It was a hit at my fancy dinner. This is a recipe from my Grandma Jaggers. She would always bake this for us at every holiday. I always think of her when I smell this yummy ham cooking. It's very simple and easy to make.

1 butt or shank of ham
1 aluminum pan

-Place ham in pan. Add water up to an inch. Place foil over the ham. Place ham in oven at 400* for one hour. Then turn down your oven to 300* and remove foil. Let the ham cook for another 7-8 hours. It will then look like this. . .
Let me know what you think!

My Very First. . .

Besides the silverware error . . . It was my very first fancy smancy dinner! I've been watching my great friend Kay who always spoils my daughters with a fancy dinner every year. I've been wanting to do this for sometime and now I had the perfect opportunity! Some of our friends are always inviting us over for dinner and we are losers and hardly do the same. So I finally decided to go for it and our friends now want to start a monthly dinner club! Who knew?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up For A Scare?

Thanks to grandpa Hubble we had such a great time today. We watched Nancy Drew. This was such a great movie! A murder mystery with suspense, it was perfect for the girls. This reminds me of when I was little and you could watch a good clean scary movie. The girls and I vote that this is a must see movie!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are You A Sucker For A Sucker?

He sure is! I'm a sucker for this little sucker! He's so darn cute and little miss auntie me has a hard time saying no! His cute little words and the way he says them just melts me, especially when he says"Aunt Alwe I wov you". If I could of had a little boy I'd sure choose him!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are We Crazy?

My friend and I decided to take the kids to the outlets today. Are we crazy? Uh, Yes! As I look back on my childhood, I can understand why mom would always rush out the door every Saturday by herself to do her errands. My girls tend to get very excited when were are hanging out with friends. People must think I keep my children locked up and never let them out to play. We still had a great time even after the whole "I don't want to eat lunch there" routine. So yes, today was a crazy day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Messy Hair Really Cute?

I think I have her convinced that messy hair really is cute! Not to mention really easy for mom! I'm trying to teach her how to do her own hair. This seems to be the easiest and fastest way to do hair in the morning. Not to mention less drama!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mom, Do I Get Paid For This?

Uh, NO. Since when do you get paid for helping around the house? I guess the reward system is still in full bloom around here. The girls settled for a chocolate chip muffin for all their hard work instead.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What's A Mom To Do?

So, here's my situation . . . my sweet daughter had lost a tooth a few months ago. The tooth fairy promptly came and gave her a nice dollar bill. Well, I being her mother decided to keep her tooth for a special little memory. Now that a few more months have gone by, this same sweet little girl has found my hiding spot. She grabbed her baggie, tooth and all and put it on her pillow awaiting for the arrival of the tooth fairy once again. As I went into her room this morning I asked her what this was all about and she said, "Mom, the tooth fairy didn't come!" I can now see that she expects the tooth fairy to come once again. What's a mom to do?

I've Been Saved!

I've been saved by the Extreme Makeover CEO Emily White! She is the motivation for me to start this blog. I feel like it will be a great way to keep in contact with her and many other friends. It will also be a great way to keep a journal and to keep our families updated on our lives here at Homegirl Happenings. I must give you a little background on the name. Emily and I use to paint together and to say the least we would get very silly. . . more often than not! The name just kinda started and I have continue to refer to myself as homegirl on her blog. I guess I want to be a little secretive because this whole blog thing is kinda weird and I'm just not use to it yet. Maybe in the future I will divulge more. Until then . . .