Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheap Date?

You probably wouldn't think this would be a cheap date until you hear about this! If you happen to go here between 4-6pm and sit either in the bar or the outside eating area. . . you can get any appetizer for $1.99! Is that crazy or what? You can't even go to Mickey D's for that cheap! So, my friends I have given you a great idea for a fantastic cheap date night!
*Offer valid Monday-Friday


tiki95 said...

Thanks for the info. I say we go, just the girls.
I love your blog. Keep up the great ideas.


kristi said...

I will have to remember that, especially during the summer. I don't mind sitting at the bar, especially if they shave their ice for soft drinks just as they do for margaritas (Mexicali does this and was my favorite treat during my first pregnancy)!

Memzy said...

good tips. i like that idea. does it even count for my fave railroad camp shrimp? mmmmmmm

homegirl said...

Yes it does! It's my favorite one too!