Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All I Ever Hear Is....

"I want my own room! Makelle is so messy! She leaves her clothes on my bed and makes such a mess! I'm sick of it! I want my own room so I can sleep at night with darkness and with the door shut!"
As you can tell I have been hearing this far too long. Then one fine day Makelle gets sick and so I have her sleep in my room for the night. Funny how things go because all I heard at bedtime was.... "I want someone to come to my room to talk to me. Mom will you lay down with me?"
In reply all I could say was, "NOPE you wanted your own room!"
Then after awhile I go to check in on this young lady and who do I find sleeping in bed with her? Yep, the DOG!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Want To Know What Bugs....

when girl scout cookies change their stuff! What happened to my Samoa's? What is up with the new name like Carmel delights? I know its been changed for awhile but this was the first year I bought a Carmel delight. They are still good but come on you don't go changing a good thing when you got it! I don't care about 5 calories or a gram of fat when I'm eating a Samoa! Ohhh Pleeease!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Year Older....

How could that be??? I really don't feel another year older but I guess its happening right before my very eyes. It just so happened that I tagged along for the ride with these fun girls this past weekend to enjoy a little trip to watch this HOT and AWESOME singer preform!

Who you ask?

Bon Jovi of course!!
He played his new stuff mixed with his old stuff and let me tell you he performed up to his name! I love his tone of voice and he sounds just like his albums. He played for about 31/2 hours!
I love to people watch and this was a concert to people watch! Crazy middle aged women and not so hot guys trying to pick up on them!

I also branched out of my comfort zone this birthday. Jake has been begging me to try sushi for quite sometime. The old Allie would say HECK NO! Of course being a year older and wanting to be daring, I decided to give it a try. The results are in......and.......Allie likes it! Who knew! I guess it shows you to give things a try because you never know, you just might like it!