Monday, May 5, 2008

Fresno Zoo

Madison and Makelle had their field trip to the Fresno Zoo. It was a beautiful day and very enjoyable.

The zoo did an awesome job with the bird show. This boy was very brave as he let the bird fly to his arm to take a dollar bill.

These two wise guys just sat around posing for photographs.
Just a cute picture of the girls enjoying the smelly cage of goats.

The zoo also had a great stingray exhibit. You could feed and pet the stingrays. Mom and Makelle were able to touch one. They felt soft and sandy.

It was cute to watch the zoo keeper feed this giraffe leaves. Like the tongue? It's actually longer than that, gross!


SAS said...

Oh yeah, I've done that field trip a couple times! The kids love the zoo. It looks like you had fun.

Big Daddy is actually on a field trip today. I also enjoy when I get out of going on them! hahaha

kristi said...

I'm going to have to figure out how to get our big kahuna to go on the field trips. The bus ride to Fresno alone would be enough to make me a little nutty! I'm sure the girls and the rest of their class loved it. I'm guessing it's much nicer than CALM.
P.S. Giraffes are our favorite!

Memzy said...

Well lookie here! You'd think I would run into you SOMETIME living in the same town but we NEVER do. Glad we can at least keep up with life on the internet, right? I can't believe how grown up your girls are. So, does Morgan looke like you and the twins look more like Jake?

I had lunch with Sara today and we think all of us "high school" friends need to plana girls night or weekend or something. We'll have to plan it.