Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Tried

As you can see my Maddy loves to help when flour is involved! My friend Megan made these yummy rolls a few weeks ago and I had to have the recipe! Well, Megan my rolls don't look nearly as lovely as yours, and what happened?
They are Gigantic! Help! Tell me how thick I need to roll them out and do I place the tip on bottom? Well, as you can see they are HUGE!


SAS said...

Where's recipie? Come on you know I always need something new to feed these starving animals! They look delicious!

emily w. said...

They look like giant swans. You invented something new...roll sculptures.

clint said...

I forgot to tell you that the ends have to be down or they come unraveled. I think they look great. A little melted butter painted on after baking makes them shiny too. You're amazing. I'm going to try those dipped cupcakes.
Megan (disregard the "clint said")

clint said...

One more thing I forgot to tell the way, that cartoon of Clint is embarrassing...I usually cut the dough into four parts before rolling out. This makes the rolls smaller.