Friday, May 30, 2008


So here it is. . . I have been hearing about this crazy book from lots of people saying how good it is. I thought vampires? How lame until. . . . well the book kinda fell into my hands from a friend so I decided to at least give it a try. Well forget that! I read all three books in three days! Just a little obsessed! Now that I'm done I wanted to ask all you fans out there a question. Who do you think Bella should be with. Edward or Jacob? Who would you choose to be with if it was you? I'm just a little curious. . .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bread For The Future

Not knowing what I was doing I decided to give it a try! The process was right except I put to much dough in to begin with. Next time I'll do less. I think I'll put enough dough in to reach the bottom of the jar name, like Kerr or Mason. Once you have let the dough rise again you put it in the oven and bake. If you get a mountain top like mine you can just trim off the top. Then you just put on your lids and the heat will cause them to seal and pop! It's so easy! I have been dying to do this and I finally found a great bread recipe so I gave it a try. This is in half pint jars, I would prefer to do it in quart size jars so I would have enough for the whole family. Very tasty!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheap Date?

You probably wouldn't think this would be a cheap date until you hear about this! If you happen to go here between 4-6pm and sit either in the bar or the outside eating area. . . you can get any appetizer for $1.99! Is that crazy or what? You can't even go to Mickey D's for that cheap! So, my friends I have given you a great idea for a fantastic cheap date night!
*Offer valid Monday-Friday

Saturday, May 17, 2008

For The Love Of Strawberries

I guess this is turning into a "Blog Anonymous" for me. I have a new addiction, yep, you got it strawberries! It's like I am trying to make as much strawberry jam as I can before my favorite stand closes. I only have a few more weeks before of the extreme heat kills off my berries! I think I have made about 7 batches of freezer jam. Each batch makes at least 5-8oz. containers. Yes, I know, I'm crazy! Sad thing is I'll probably make another batch or two before the season is done!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Open House

As you can see, my daughter Morgan thinks getting her picture taken in front of her friends at school is no longer "cool". I had to beg just to take one! Morgan has had a great year in school and she excels at reading. The girl has read more books in her 11 years of life than I have in my some 30. I wish I was more like her!

This is a picture and poem that Madison drew and wrote about herself. I love it!

This is Makelle's version of herself. I love to save this stuff. It's so fun to pull it out and look at it in the future.

The second graders put on a program about being a zoo keeper. They had to memorize a script they wrote. They drew pictures of their animals. Madison did hers on Panda's.

Makelle did hers on Elephants. They also had to make dioramas. They did such a fantastic job and I think they are such talented girls. I guess I'm just a proud mom!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's A Glorious Day

Why do you ask? Just look at my picture and it will say it all. . . Psychology! Gross! This was a long class and its finally over! I did however enjoy the last two chapters on disorders and treatments. Since I am now an accomplished Psychologist I can diagnosis my own family and all of our craziness! It's great to have one more class down and now I can enjoy a nice long summer break.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to All My Friends

How grateful I am for all of my many friends through out the years who have inspired me to become a better mother. Through watching women of the past and friends of the present, how grateful I am to be apart of your life and to watch you teach me. I see so many things I can do differently through your example. I admire the many women who have help shape me into the person that I am. Through the love of so many people, I hope I have become a more loving and caring mother and I hope to continue to do so in the years to come.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Our bishopric excels at many things except for when it comes to the creative craft side. I decided to jump in and help when it came to the Mother's Day gift for the sister's. So here's what I came up with. A king size Hershey's candy bar wrapped in scrapbook paper and tied with tulle. I guess I really never thought about all the time and money that goes into this gift each year. I will now appreciate it a little more.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fresno Zoo

Madison and Makelle had their field trip to the Fresno Zoo. It was a beautiful day and very enjoyable.

The zoo did an awesome job with the bird show. This boy was very brave as he let the bird fly to his arm to take a dollar bill.

These two wise guys just sat around posing for photographs.
Just a cute picture of the girls enjoying the smelly cage of goats.

The zoo also had a great stingray exhibit. You could feed and pet the stingrays. Mom and Makelle were able to touch one. They felt soft and sandy.

It was cute to watch the zoo keeper feed this giraffe leaves. Like the tongue? It's actually longer than that, gross!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thanks Pfizer

We love Pfizer each year around this time! They treat our family to a free trip to Disneyland! We had such a great time Saturday as we took advantage of the entire day from about 6:ooam until midnight! Here is dad and daughters getting ready to ride Space Mountain. It's my favorite ride and we always ride it at least twice whenever we go!

Kel Kel enjoying her frozen pink lemonade.

Maddy and Morg on Big Thunder. It's one of the girls favorite rides. We had such a great time together as a family and we are looking forward to next year!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I Tried Again!

So yesterday just wasn't enough for me, I had to try something new. . . AGAIN! This time I tried this yummy cupcake recipe. Let's just say. . . I'm so much a fan of cake but these my friends are so good! It's a must try! I made the little cupcake bites and the suckers. I used cherry chip cake mix and 1 can of cream cheese frosting. Then you roll them in balls and place them in the fridge for awhile. Then melt your chocolate chips and dip. Add a little touch of pink to finish them off.

*These are not mine. My pictures came out blurry. Take a look just click on the title.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Tried

As you can see my Maddy loves to help when flour is involved! My friend Megan made these yummy rolls a few weeks ago and I had to have the recipe! Well, Megan my rolls don't look nearly as lovely as yours, and what happened?
They are Gigantic! Help! Tell me how thick I need to roll them out and do I place the tip on bottom? Well, as you can see they are HUGE!