Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chocolate Gravy Anyone?

This was such a fun family home evening! Marsha Barnhart came over to teach us how to make chocolate gravy. The thought of chocolate gravy sounded quite gross! This was part of the morning meal if you lived in the Midwest. . . back in the day.
Marsha taught us how to make biscuits from scratch too!

She was great with the girls and they were diggin it!

This is my cute friend Grandma Shafer stirrin' the pot! We go visiting teaching together! :)
Here it is . . . biscuits and chocolate gravy! It looks weird but oh so tasty! Want to give it a try? Well here you go. . . .
Chocolate Gravy
2 T coco
4 T sugar
2 T flour
Mix. Add in 2 T. flour and 1 c. milk. Stir continually on low heat until it bubbles. Then add in 1 t. butter and 1/4 t. vanilla. The trick is to keep adding flour and milk to make the gravy thickness the way you like it. *Just like making white gravy. When making gravy for the 7 of us we tripled the recipe! Good luck and let me know what you think!


Tenille Gates said...

..thats so funny! when i was a kid, Marsha's daughter Laura and i were BEST buddies. I remember Marsha making good ol chocolate biscuits and gravy for us ALL the time! :0) i love that stuff to this day and recently introduced it to my husband who, at first, thought it sounded kinda gross but then ended up loving it! good to see that shes still sharin' the wealth ;0)

Vanessa said...

What a fun FHE! I love that idea! I'm going to copy!

kristi said...

We're definitely going to try this. It sounds really yummy, especially if it's cold out. I'd better hurry.

Mamawags said...

I don't know... that stuff looks crazy! Maybe you can come and make it for us???

Most of all, I'm just so excited that you updated your blog!!!

5joys said...

We need Marsha to come liven up our family home fighting I mean evening. :)