Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Little Star

This was Morgan's first year in drama and she had a great time! She landed the role of a court jester and she did an awesome job! These are Morgan's friends Andrea and Hannah.

Grandma and Grandpa cheering Morgan on!

Dad, Mom and Makelle

Makelle, Morgan, Todd and Jamie.

Morgan and her two biggest fans! :)
Thanks for coming everyone!


Mamawags said...

That little jester made me laugh so hard!! Great job morgan!! I hear that fairy godmother was pretty awesome too!

kristi said...

I hope she had fun. Learning to be in front of an audience really is a life skill these days. I'm impressed!

Coleman Family said...

She did such a good job especially when she started to dance like her daddy HAHA Classic...but we were so proud of Mogie!!