Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Slacker

      Hello people of the blogging nation. It's me Morgan taking over. As many of you know, my mother isn't quite up to date on her blogging, so I decided to follow Sister Wagner's advice and take control! : D My mom has forgotten to blog about a very few important things, such as:
~ I got my braces off about a month ago!!!
~ We went to Utah with a few of our good friends up in Idaho
~ We went to Disneyland
~ Madison and Makelle's birthday passed in July
~ We went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
~ My mother and I went to Girl's Camp
~ We went on a Temple trip
~ We got a new CAR!!!
       As you can see, we needed an intervention in our house hold. Hopefully I can do my best with the help of my sisters to keep this blog up to date!
Thank you everyone!
                                            At the BYU Creamery with our friends!!!

                                          Maddie by the Air Force One sign

                                          Makelle by the Air Force One sign

                                         The twins with their good friend Becky : ]

                                          And me with my braces off! Thank goodness!!!

P.S. My mother approved this message.


Claudia said...

Thank goodness, Morgan that you have taken over the blog. We might actually see some pictures of your sweet family. I love it that you are doing it. I love that you have your braces off. I knew about everything else but not the braces.
I am sure that you and Madison and Makelle will do just great blogging.

Beckstrand's said...

Congrats on getting your braces off Morgan! I'm sure that is the highlight of the year besides the fact that Uncle Tom and I came out to visit, right? We're excited to see you over Thanksgiving.

Emily said...

What a great idea! I should have my oldest take over my blog. I'm just afraid he would humiliate me. Good job Morgan and your teeth look great!

Mamawags said...


homegirl said...

Thanks Mamawags! : D

Trisha said...

I have to admit I stopped checking your blog. I am going to try to enlist my Morgan to help me out when I am slacking!!I am not sure what Chad would write about!!

It looks like you guys have had some fun lately.