Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween at the Beckstrand's

             Hello, hello everyone, it's Mo here! As everyone knows Halloween was about 2 weeks ago... and if you read my last blog entry you know we haven't really said much of anything lately. No matter though! So this Halloween was a bit interesting at the Beckstrand house. This year my mom came down hard and said, "You can't have a Halloween costume unless you pay for it yourself!" But as me being the oldest that really wasn't a problem, since I wasn't really allowed to have a store bought costume. But my sisters were a little disappointed... (teardrop: ( so we got a little creative and decided to have homemade costumes!

            I know what you're probably thinking. Homemade costumes? They actually sewed pieces of fabric together? And all I can say to you is no. No we didn't. Instead we got a little creative. You'd be surprised at what some tape could do!

              Madison was a smarty pant, so she pasted smarties all over her pants and did her hair up in cute little side buns!

              Makelle got off easy and just resewed her purple witch costume(a piece was coming off)

              I actually got to go to two different trunk or treats, one with the my ward and the other with my friend Taylor so naturally, I was two different things. My first costume was at my ward and I was a quarter back. I just taped quarter on my back and smudged eyeliner underneath my eyes. For my friends I was a babysitter so I just taped a baby doll to my.... well you get the idea. Let's just say few people asked me what I was... :]

             So I wanted to ask everyone if they had any clever Halloween costume ideas (appropriate for church please :)
              I only had one other idea and that was a buccaneer. You put a buck on each ear. If you have any other ideas please leave a comment! Never too late to have an idea for Halloween!

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