Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Highlight Of Our Summer....

I must say this was so much fun watching the girls get 
so excited over the whole surprise!
Miss London or should I say Brenda Song.  She was so nice. 
She came right up to us and asked us if we wanted a picture...
uh yeah!
This is Brenda's newest puppy.
 It's name is Panda, one of her six dogs!
The lady is the director and the man is charge of editing.  They 
were so nice and offered to show us everything their job entails.
Matt showed us his sons dressing rooms.  The boys love art. 
I thought this was a cool picture in Dylan's room.  
My sister in law and I thought it was funny to
see a pair of ROSS DRESS for LESS shoes in Cole's room!
 I guess even the rich shop there too!
The girls got a chance to tour the set and here they are
on the staircase of the Suite Life on Deck
The girls were sad that this was fake and not real!
Dylan finally came in towards the end of the tour so we
were able to get a quick picture with him.
As you can see he is much like his personality on camera!
The boys just graduated from high school with straight A's and
are getting ready to go to college.  Matt was so generous with his
time.  Super nice guy and is doing a fabulous job in raising good kids.


Emily said...

Looks like you've been having a super fun summer!!

kristi said...

My kids just took a vacation of a lifetime, but this will still be way cooler to them. (Stop posting how cool you and Jake are - some of us will NEVER live up!)

The Scharmann Family said...

Very COOL!!!! My girls are jealous!