Monday, April 14, 2008

I Out Smarted Lowes

Or at least I like to think I did. I just get excited when I think I get a good deal, especially when I spend more money there than I should. So I go on Saturday to buy my paint and new hinges for my cabinets. After purchasing these items I received a $10 off coupon for my next purchase over $50 between the dates of April 14th -21st. I am definitely not going back there anytime soon. So here's what happened: After I do some sanding and painting, I began to put on my hinges. Low and behold it would not be a complete project unless I do something wrong, right Em? So I had to return my hinges and get the correct ones. Of course when I was purchasing the new hinges the total came up to 41 dollars. Hum. . . I want to use that $10 off coupon! So, I look up and saw the gift card section and thought, maybe I could buy a $10 gift card and use the $10 off coupon? Drum roll please. . . it worked (only after much kindness to the cashier). Now I can use my gift card whenever I want!

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emily w. said...

We love a deal! So what color are you painting your cabinets? You better take a picture and post it. I feel an intense attachments to those cabinets. We spent many hours together if you remember.