Friday, March 14, 2008

What's A Mom To Do?

So, here's my situation . . . my sweet daughter had lost a tooth a few months ago. The tooth fairy promptly came and gave her a nice dollar bill. Well, I being her mother decided to keep her tooth for a special little memory. Now that a few more months have gone by, this same sweet little girl has found my hiding spot. She grabbed her baggie, tooth and all and put it on her pillow awaiting for the arrival of the tooth fairy once again. As I went into her room this morning I asked her what this was all about and she said, "Mom, the tooth fairy didn't come!" I can now see that she expects the tooth fairy to come once again. What's a mom to do?


Claudia said...

Which daughter was it. It sounds like Maddie?

emily w. said...

That's a tough one. You hate to kill the magic but how much longer can you perpetuate a myth about a fairy who collects teeth? She probably either suspects the truth or knows it already and is just trying to work the system a bit. I think Abby is on the edge of discovering the truth about that one as well.

You could tell her that the tooth fairy came and then she left her old tooth behind because she knows how much moms like to save their children's first lost teeth.

SAS said...

We had the same kind of thing happen. Then it got worse with the next kid, when she didn't arrive for 3 nights straight. So one told 2 what he knew and it was all over.

I think the question is, "why do we wierd moms save teeth?" What are we going to do with them? Isn't the very first maybe the limit?

Kristi said...

Our tooth fairy is lazy. Sometimes she comes when Linds is eating breakfast. She also writes notes so that she can keep her teeth and now she plays with them. I think it's kind of gross! I have the first one in her scrapbook, but she has the rest in her jewelry box. She has lost a couple, but SHE did it, so that's the way it goes. I'll be glad when the whole tooth fairy excitement ends.