Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Camp Is Like No Other. . .

even when they can put up a tent better than their LEADERS!
They can start a real fire!

They are Queens of the Latrines. The girls had to stir the "pot" three times up at girls camp. They were REAL troopers!
They went on hikes. This is the first year girls who did a day hike. Nicholle, Emily, Morgan, Andrea, and Ashlie.

This is the second year girls who went on a 9 mile hike with their leaders. Nadia, Bro and Sis Wagner, Brecca, Kylie, Emily, and Melanie.

Third year girls went on a over nighter. Courtnie, Sam and Alex.

Take a look at those feet! Is that sick or what!

We were offered archery during the day. This was a first for me and I loved it!

The first year girls getting into it too!

Sometimes we needed a little fun. One night we decided to have a pudding eating contest without using our fingers.

I agree with Sam those girls are crazy!
When those girls are naughty to their leaders. . . we get them back!!!

When a leader is naughty to the girls we get HIM back!!!
Don't forget we will get you NOW and LATER captain!

Fourth year girls coming home from their two night hike!
Madi Memmott, Jordyn Perry, Whitney White, Lyndsie Garner, and Jennifer McArthur.

Here are these crazy girls having a sleepover the last night. There are eight of them in one tent. Where is Kylie? Oh, the one with the little green head smashed between the blue and yellow sleeping bag!
These girls wanted to sleep under the stars!

I was just happy to see this cute face on Friday night!

I had such a great time up at girls camp with these awesome girls. When I say awesome I truly mean awesome. They inspire me and make me want to be a better example for them. They truly love the Lord and have AMAZING testimonies of the gospel. Just like our theme I believe... I believe in them.


Tam said...

You are so lucky - girl's camp at big meadow is something I miss so much. They just don't do it the same anywhere else. It looks like you guys had agreat time too

Memzy said...

You are one great leader! Oh boy. Good times.

Mamawags said...

It's easy for girl's camp to be so awesome when they have one incredible camp director like Sista Beckstrand!!

Thank you for making sure these cute girls had a wonderful week :)

Claudia said...

So glad that you and Morgan had such a good time. I would have to agree with Mamawags, cuz I know that you are an incredible camp director. I will be glad to do it next year for you again. I love spending time with the girls. They were angels. Donna was so impressed with their willingness to help and do their chores. We had a great time and I enjoyed the pool.

kristi said...

Glad to hear you survived (and maybe even enjoyed your week)! Those girls are lucky to have you as a leader. Even I'd want to go to Girl's camp if you were there.

Jones Family said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I am so glad to see a stake that really roughs it! I would love to come camp with you. Maybe I will let our bishop know we will be going with the Olive Knolls ward next year for camp. Ours is NOTHING like that. My girls don't really know how to rough it!!! Anyway, it was spiritual though. I have to say it was good in different ways. Thankfully the Spirit doesn't worry about roughing it or not. Anyway, I am glad you had fun! Everyone is growing up so fast!

Vanessa said...

Very cool experience! I know you are an awesome leader! I missed girls' camp this year and was very sad.