Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Painting Buddy has Arrived!

This is my crazy friend who loves a good project! We always have a blast when we paint and we always end up learning a new thing or TWO! :) Thanks for all your amazing help!

The first day we finished painting my room. It's hard to see my stripes but I do love them! We found this new laser level at Home Depot for $20 and it served it purpose 10 fold! New lamps are in the works and I hope to get a beautiful rustic picture of the LA Temple to put above my bed. Anyone know where I can get one?
The next day we painted the main area. We took the color throughout most of the house. Here is our finished projects. This is the entry way.

Followed by the front room.

Of course the kitchen.

And last of all the dining area. This was our new learning experience. So I thought Emily and I are pretty handy and we could totally install this new light fixture. Well. . . . we did do it mostly right. It was not our fault the builders wired the wires together to a different switch than the one the instructions told us to do. That was our main problem. After a few hours of not getting it right a friend of my came over and saved the night! Another new tip. . . don't follow all the instructions. Put your fixture together first and then take the whole thing and attach it to the ceiling. Much easier this way and you won't run the risk of winding up the cords and copper wires! As my friend told me, you only learn from your mistakes! :)
We also painted the girls bathroom. This was my $30 mistake! I was going for a soft turquoise but it turned out to be Robin egg blue! Yuck! Saved myself the trouble and just painted it the same color as the rest of my house! We were handy when it came to replacing the bathroom light fixtures! Don't they look so much better? Plug for Costco- bathroom fixtures were only $19. I say that was a great deal!
Emily talked me into painting
my piano room the color of my old house. This was in memory for my girls. They still miss our old home. Hopefully they will love this memory as they sit and pout about practing the piano! Maybe someday I will show you Jake's office but its not finished. Morgan will have to earn the right for me to put up a picture of her room, with a room like hers it may be NEVER!


Ryan said...

It looks really nice!--Amanda

Emily said...

Wow, it turned out great!! What an awesome friend Emily is!

Claudia said...

It looks really good, Allie. You and Emily do a great job.
Tell Morgan I would love to see her room on the blog.

The Scharmann Family said...

You've been busy!Looks great!A change is sooo nice and refreshing!Yeah, Morgan....lets see your room!

J and J Haroldsen said...

fun to see pics of your new house finally! how lucky for you to have emily there. i still think you guys are crazy for liking painting so much!

Wendy said...

Your house looks great, Allie! I did similar stripes in my girls' room, with the flat and semi-gloss paints. Have you seen the picture of the LA Temple I have in my family room? It might be what you're looking for for your bedroom. It's rustic, aged looking in a big, beautiful black frame. You can get the frame in several colors. Come take a look at it when you have a minute. You and Emily did a beautiful job!

Annie said...

Aren't you lucky to have had Emily's help. The two of you together has to be some kind of genius going on there. Love your house too BTW.

JOY said...

Your house looks beautiful Allie - check out my blog - I used your post about butter on my blog - hope that's okay!

kristi said...

I know where you can find the perfect temple picture. Go over to Jordan & Bethany's house and take the one off their living/dining room wall. It's my favorite. You did a great job, by the way.

Likely said...

and now Emily can come to my house!

wow! nice work ladies!