Monday, June 30, 2008


I always do enjoy those easy FHE nights! Ours consisted of yummy yogurt at Daddy O's (thanks to some of my darling swim kids) and then off to my friends house to swim (where I do swim lessons in exchange for watching their house). As you can see we brought one of Morgan's cute friends with us. I think this was a hit tonight and relaxing for me!


SAS said...

Hello homegirl--are your darling daughters missing some flipflops? Come play soon!!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

Hi! Your pix are always so cute! Love hearing about your family!!

Did you go to the Women's Conference for your Stake 2 weekends ago? A lady from my ward (Johanna Flynn) spoke at it and would like some feedback. Let me know if you went to it and what you thought!

Talk to ya soon!

Memzy said...

Easy FHE's are always nice. Plus, cream. Doyee.
ps. I had lunch with Heather toady and we want to plan something with the old high school/camp girls. Are you in?

homegirl said...

Of course, I'm always in, sounds like fun!

Shaelyn said...

Looks Like THose guys are having a fun time eating their Ice Cream!

Shaelyn Scharmann